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UPS Kits

The challenge of needing to mount surveillance equipment in remote locations where network cannot be established using traditional methods has been a niche for which KBC has provided solutions for over 25 years.


Many of those same applications also lack available and constant power. Light pole power is often unavailable when the lights are off. A clean, easy and affordable alternative is an engineered UPS power kit that is specifically designed to support all the devices needing power.


Once the batteries are installed, all the other needed components are built-in and ready for the electrician to wire in high voltage to charge the battery bank at night. The equipment load powers via battery operation during the daytime hours until the lights come on again in the evening to begin the battery recharge process.

  • Fully assembled power kits ready to apply batteries and mount
  • Backplate with DIN Rail provided to mount additional equipment
  • AC to DC battery charger included and integrated;
    compatible with sealed lead acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • Two different sizes of lockable enclosures are available
  • Supports up to several days of stored power

What's included in the kits?

  • Battery enclosure with integrated charger and
    other power assembly components
  • DC low voltage output
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