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Why Fiber?

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Why Fiber?

If you're reading this right now, you have fiber optics to thank. Though more than 300 million miles (500 million km) of optical fibers are made annually, we rarely stop to think about what life would be like without them.

As scientists in the 1960s began experimenting with lasers, they realized that pulsations of light could travel much faster and further than an electrical signal in copper wire. Recognizing the need for fiber transmission products, we continue to provide fiber after others have left the market. Fiber optic cable manufacturing is a $1.9 billion industry and annual growth from 2020-2025 is expected to be 4%.*

We appreciate fiber for its resistance to electromagnetic interference, distance capabilities, scalability, and long-term cost effectiveness compared to copper. It's also a secure method of transmission, since a breach would cause a total system failure.

Fiber Optic Transmission Solutions
Our fiber transmission devices let you transmit signals over long distances (up to 45 miles / 65 km), using one or two fibers, in both multimode and single mode. The table below shows more of the signal supported available in our fiber optic family, all of which can be integrated with other manufacturers' devices. 

Types of Signals
Topologies Models Available
Video Point to point Stand alone, DIN rail and chassis card
DataDrop and repeat
Stand alone and 1U-4U high rack mount units
AudioPoint to point and BUSStand alone, DIN rail and chassis card
TelephoneRedundant links and point to pointSand alone and 1U-4U high rack mount units
Contact ClosurePoint to pointStand alone and 1U-4U high rack mount units
Point to point and ringStand alone, DIN rail and 1U-4U high rack mount units
BroadcastPoint to pointStand alone and 1U-4U high rack mount units
4-20 mAPoint to pointStand alone and chassis card
Protocols:  CAN, LonWorks, PROFIBUS, TTLPoint to pointStand alone and chassis card

Application-Specific Fiber Optics Modules
Our standard digital product line will meet the requirements of most applications -- but we give you the power to customize as well. Because we're committed to complete customer satisfaction, we offer the Application-Specific Fiber Optics Module (ASFOM) line. We build it to your specs so you can always find a combination of signal types and connectors to suit your needs. Click here for our interactive ASFOM configuration tool.

Your Fiber Questions, Answered
If you'd like to learn more about our fiber or ASFOM offerings, we're here to give you all the support you need. Fill out this form and we'll get back to you soon!

*Source: "Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing Industry Report," IBIS World, October 2020.

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