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5 Things to Know About Our Mobile Surveillance System (MSS)


One of the benefits of advancing technology in the video surveillance realm is the ability to deploy portable security units at sites that lack infrastructure, require rapid deployment, are temporary, or a combination of these factors. We have taken great care in designing a Mobile Surveillance System (MSS) that provides the “eyes and ears” to monitor and record what’s happening in real-time.


The MSS consists of a base unit with on-board solar panel(s), charge controller, and batteries

(purchased separately), along with power and network connections for all connected devices. A removable quick-connect pod provides a mounting platform for cameras, wireless, radar or other systems.


Here are five more things to know about the MSS!

 1. It Serves As a Force Multiplier 

The potential use cases for the MSS can seem limitless. Consider the advantages for installing security contractors to deploy these self-sustaining units at remote oil and gas production sites, utility infrastructure, ports and harbors, farming and constructions sites, concerts and sporting events, and more. MSS units are a force multiplier for law enforcement or event personnel because they provide the ability to monitor an area more efficiently and effectively. These units can be especially useful to recovery efforts during natural disasters, such as identifying evacuation routes, as well as other emergency management uses.

2. It Proves that Size Matters 

Due to their relatively compact size and high level of maneuverability, MSS units provide a platform that can be deployed in smaller places quickly and be less conspicuous than other solutions that offer similar functionality.

3. It Works With Wireless and Cellular Transmission 

We offer solutions for transmitting video via traditional wireless antennas or LTE/4G broadband.

Wireless transmission can be integrated to link to existing wireless networks, or each MSS unit can create its own access point. The MSS is fully compatible with our wireless ethernet systems, including the WES4 and WES4HTG. With ThruLink, users can deploy the MSS in any location and utilize existing public networks. 

4. It Takes You to Great Heights

With a mast elevation to 15 feet, powered by a unique gas shock assisted lift assembly, the MSS provides the ability to see above crowds but still see faces. 

5. It’s Customizable 

Our interchangeable pod provides ultimate flexibility, letting you add any combination of up to four devices. Whether it be fixed cameras, PTZs, lights or IR kits, you can build out the pod structure that works best for your particular application. 

Contact us today to learn more about the MSS!

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