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3 HPoE and PoE+ Switches You Should Know About

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Ask an end user to name key components of their security systems and it is a safe bet power products may not make the list. Yet as systems integrators know full well, power solutions are an essential piece to each installation — be it for video surveillance, intrusion, access control, fire/life-safety and more.


Simply, if security systems are installed to protect lives and property, power products are installed to safeguard against compromised security solutions. In this regard, the significance of power solutions and the protection they provide to integrated security systems cannot be over emphasized.

That’s why we offer several power products and switches to meet demanding needs across a range of installation types and settings. For example, our new PWB-H4-P2 is a specialized solution with four ports of HPoE 90W (802.3bt spec) output for security cameras equipped with heaters, wipers and IRs for multiple sensors, plus other power-demanding features like PTZ.

The PWB-H4-P2 also has two fiber uplinks so it will support fiber daisy chains (pole-to-pole) or just a single fiber “home run” to the head-end. Also, we’ve built in a 200W power supply and all of it integrated into a 10x8x10 plastic NEMA enclosure.

Let's take a look at some of our unmanaged, industrial switches. We sell the ESUGH4-P2-B switch on its own, as well as two mini switches:

  • The ESUGS2-G1-B is a three-port unit, with two ports of 30W PoE+ output. This model requires 48VDC input.
  • The ESUGH2-G1-L-B is a version of the above device, but it actually provides HPoE 90W 802.3bt output on two ports. It is also capable of standard PoE or PoE+ if you don’t require both ports to be HPoE. A unique feature of this switch is 9-36VDC designed for solar and other remote power applications. 

All of these switches are suitable for harsh environment applications and DIN Rail-mountable. The PWB-H4-P2 is able to be pole- or wall-mounted as well.

For those of you challenged by the ongoing supply chain fiasco (and who isn’t?), we have some great news: we have recently loaded up our stock in California for the above switches! While supplies last they are in stock and can ship immediately. 

Click here for additional information about our ethernet switches.

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