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Why is there an SFP port on the 4-channel Ethernet over Coax Receiver?


A common practice for many years has been transmitting analog video from multiple cameras over fiber optic cables. Most commonly used was a 4-channel multiplexer, which would transmit up to 4 cameras over standard Multimode or Singlemode fiber optic cable for extended transmission distances. This type of application is found worldwide and continues to be found where analog cameras are required.  

With the current trend for more robust networking and IP solutions, products are now available to easily retrofit these existing analog installations while utilizing the existing cabling infrastructure.

With eCopper, you can quickly convert an existing 4-channel analog over fiber camera system to a complete IP networking solution by simply swapping a few components.

The innovative dual role of the eCopper™ Ethernet over Coax (EoC) 4-channel receiver means it receives from all four of the single-channel EoC transmitters, and then relays all 4 channels over a singlemode or multimode fiber using the built-in SFP port, thus allowing the replacement of the existing 4-channel analog multiplexer.

The diagram below shows that the fiber receiver is a 24-port SFP switch, typically located at the head end or control room. This solution offers minimal components while potentially receiving up to 80 remote cameras with a single 1U rackmount switch while still utilizing the existing coax and fiber infrastructure and the most direct fiber link into the network where additional video and recording devices can be added.

The result is a fast, POE+ enabled design with no new wiring required!  Want to know more about upgrading coax and fiber systems to IP with eCopper?  Click here to see the complete eCopper product line or contact your local KBC office for a customized solution.  

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